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Stormforce i9 64GB 4TB RTX4090 Gaming PC

Stormforce Gaming at IT Central: Elevate Your Gaming and Creativity

🌟 Introducing the Ultimate Power Duo🌟

Firstly, let’s dive into the heart of our gaming universe with the Intel Core i9-14900KF processor and NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics card. This dynamic duo guarantees top-tier performance whilst transforming your gaming and content creation into an unparalleled experience.


πŸ”Ή A New Era of Digital Interaction: The Hyte Y70 Touch CaseπŸ”Ή

At the forefront of the Hyte Y70 Touch case’s appeal is its striking design which is a testament to the seamless integration of aesthetics and technology. Crafted with a sleek, minimalist approach, the case boasts a transparent glass structure that not only showcases the inner workings of your PC but also complements any gaming or work setup. Its standout feature, a 4K 10-point multi-touch capacitive LCD panel, redefines user interaction, offering a unique way to control and display vital system information, or even personalized art and widgets, directly on the case.

Durability and Protection

Crafted from premium materials, the Hyte Y70 Touch case is built to last. Its sturdy construction protects your valuable components from dust, accidental knocks, and everyday wear and tear. The tempered glass panels provide a clear view of the interior while ensuring durability and protection against scratches and damage.

Unparalleled Cooling Capability

Understanding the importance of cooling in maintaining peak performance, the Hyte Y70 Touch case is engineered for optimal airflow. It supports multiple fan and radiator configurations, including up to 360mm radiators on both the front and top panels. This flexibility ensures that users can build a cooling system that meets the exact needs of their hardware, whether it’s air cooling or a custom water cooling loop, keeping temperatures low and performance high even during intense gaming sessions.


πŸ’‘ Core Power Unleashed: CPU & MemoryπŸ’‘

Moreover, the heart of this beast is the Intel Core i9-14900KF Processor, with 24 cores and speeds up to 6GHz, alongside 64GB DDR5 RAM which leads to a seamless gaming and content creation experience.


πŸš€ Fast Track Your Gaming with Advanced StorageπŸš€

Furthermore, say goodbye to loading screens with our 4TB SSD which offers ample space for all your needs. For the content hungry creator, there are increased storage options that meet your needs, just ask!


✨ Graphics That Dazzle: Enter the NVIDIA RTX 4090✨

Additionally, the NVIDIA RTX 4090, with 24GB GDDR6 memory will bring unparalleled graphics to your games.

πŸ”— Stay Connected: The Ultimate in ConnectivityπŸ”—

This machine features a wide range of connectivity options.


πŸ”„ Operating System: Smooth, Intuitive Windows 11πŸ”„

Lastly, Windows 11 comes pre-installed which offers an intuitive and powerful interface. A tutorial video showcasing the OS’s gaming and creative features could help users make the most out of their new system.


πŸš€ Level Up Your Gaming and CreativityπŸš€

Step into the future of gaming and content creation with Stormforce at IT Central. For a closer look at what we offer, explore our Facebook page. Questions or curiosity about this PC? Reach out to us through our Contact Us | IT Central page. Join us as we embark on a journey to redefine gaming and creativity, pushing the limits of what’s possible.



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Customer Reviews


Highly recommend IT Central! Took my laptop in after my charger broke inside the charging port. Was in for less than 5 minutes, and they had got the broken charger removed from the port, and they did it for free as well. Guys in the shop were great and speedy! Greatly appreciated their help, and will definitely be back the next time I have an issue with a laptop ☺️


Absolutely fantastic service. Took my MacBook Pro in with a charger connection problem. They identified the problem immediately and fixed it while I waited. Helpful, knowledgeable, friendly guys. Couldn't recommend them highly enough and I know where I'll be taking all my IT stuff in future. Thank you so, so much.



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