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Laptop repair

Just Say the Word, We Can Do it all!

Laptop Repairs

Our Laptop Services

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Empower your laptop's performance with IT Central's in-depth diagnostics, expertly identifying problems and paving the way for efficient repairs and enhanced functionality.

Screen Replacement

Transform your shattered laptop screen into a pristine display with IT Central's exceptional repair services, restoring clarity and brilliance to your digital world.

Keyboard Replacements

Tired of worn keys, energetic kids, or curious cats causing key mishaps? Let IT Central's expert keyboard replacement services bring your typing back to its prime with ease

Housing Replacement

Has time taken its toll on your laptop's fragile plastic, or has an accidental drop left it in despair? Trust IT Central to rejuvenate your device with expert repairs, restoring it to its former glory.

Hard Drive Replacements

Slow PC? Want to boost your laptop's performance?

Virus Removal

Virus's can be sneaky... so let the professionals sort it out.

Physical clean

has your laptop ever been cleaned out internally?

DC Jack Replacement

Laptop not powering on? No Charging Light?

Health Check

Coming soon.

Quality Repairs

get more out of your laptop

Laptop repair has been one of our main services since we started. with over 15 Years combined experience and over 7000 repairs we know exactly what to do when misfortune strikes.

why Repair?

Heres why...

Repairing your laptop…

Maybe you don’t want to shell out hundreds of pounds for a new one…

maybe it’s just out of warranty and was expensive when you bought it. 

Keeping you going

Keeping you online

we’re dedicated to keeping our customers online. 

working from home, online shopping, talking to family or just watching a movie we know just how important of a tool your computer can be.


We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

we would call and have a conversation with you. give you our opinion based on what you use the computer for and see how we can accommodate your needs

Yes, we have different solutions depending on how much data you have. 

yes, please notify us if data is important and needs backed up and restored.

No problem – click on diagnostics and purchase that services.

drop the computer off with us or have it shipped to us.


all work carried out comes with a return to base warranty. duration is specified on the final paperwork given.

Yes. there will be a return charge 

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