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Console Repair

Just Say the Word, We Can Do it all!

Console repair

Console Repair Services

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HDMI Port Replacement

No Display on your TV?

Charging Port Replacement

Unable to charge your device?

Controller Repair

Controller causing you frustration?


Loud Fan or Running hot?

Disk Drive Repair

Not Reading Disks?

Firmware repair

Problem occurred after an update?

Motherboard Repair

Advance Repair

Housing Replacement

Broken Housing Panels?

Power Issue repair

No Power?

Stay in the Game

With IT Central

Tools, Skill, and Patience mixed with passion results in a quality repair. Our technicians are gamers, they know what it’s like when the console breaks down leaving you out of the game

Quality parts

OEM Repairs

We use the best available quality from 2 suppliers in the UK, with doing phone repairs for over 7 years we have done our best to ensure quality so all repairs are backed by a no-quibble warranty for if you are not happy with the work


We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

No, any games purchased online you will be able to re-download and install

in most cases, not all game data is saved in Sony or Microsoft’s cloud servers but most of it is.

we do our best to get your console repaired and back to you as quickly as possible but we do like to keep the devices that little bit longer so we can ensure a quality repair and no further problems once you take it home.

Yes just purchase the appropriate service from our store then mail your device in for repair 🙂

no problem, drop the device off or mail it into our workshop and let us find the fault for you.

not presently, but follow our Facebook page as any refurbished items would be advertised there.

Yes. we have the equipment needed to carry out microscopic repairs

we have a high success rate of over 95% when it comes to console repairs 

we love them

what our clients have to say



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