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Data Recovery

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services

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Hard Drive Recovery

Making a horrible clicking noise or no signs of life?

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop not powering on and need those important files?

USB Data Recovery

unable to access those important documents or pictures?

PC/Mac Data Recovery

Corrupt os and desperate for the data?

SD Card Data Recovery

Deleted pictures or unrecognized devices?​

Tablet/iPad Data Recovery

Smashed screen but just want your files?

NAS/Raid Data Recovery

Raid failure and cant access your files?

Solid State Drive Data Recovery

No Power or corrupt OS?

Mobile Phone Data Recovery

Old or damaged phone but just want your data?

We Understand


Losing Data can be a scary situation to be in, whether it’s losing vital work for your business or those family photos.

count on us

to recover your data

we work with a third-party company with a high success rate in recovering data. unfortunately, in some cases, data can’t be recovered but knowing we have done everything we can to try, win or lose we are with you.

avoid the stress

Best Practices

Make sure you have a backup and make sure you have a backup of the backup. want to know more? Contact us now to ensure your data is protected.


We Have Great Answers

Ask Us Anything

Don’t try and power it on, we would recommend replacing the External HDD and letting a qualified technician transfer the data for you. attempting to transfer the data yourself may result in data loss or an expensive recovery bill.

We recommend storing your data on the cloud like Onedrive or google drive as this is the most reliable way of storing data. if this is a scary thought then using external HDDs or high-capacity USB Sticks is the next best thing but always have a backup stored somewhere else.

we have software dedicated to attempting a repair on the file. 

you can provide your own drive we recommend a minimum of 1TB External HDD if you don’t have one we can provide an appropriate-sized External HDD

potentially depending on where it is snapped. we would need to inspect and attempt the recovery 

Yes, click contact us fill in the form and a technician will get back to you 

Yes, we work with a third-party company who have a high success rate. doing jobs for large businesses, colleges, universities, and even the police all done at a reasonable price to you

No, Our technicians will need to inspect the data to ensure it’s open and viewable but will never intentionally sit and view every file unless necessary 

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